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PT PLN branch of Meulaboh, said it would get five engines (5000 kW) is hired to solve electricity crisis that had been hit west coast of Aceh. The machines are now in diesel Seunebok, Meulaboh was on old and often damaged so that it is often done during rotating blackouts. Branch Manager of PLN Meulaboh, Nahwaludin said, with existing machines this lease there will be excess flow, which engines in PLN’s diesel power will be able to do maintenance.
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Mesjid baitul makmur meulabohMuzakarah which is scheduled March 2010 at the mosque Baitul Makmur planned to attend the president RI Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) and the scholars of Saudi Arabia, Yemen and other countries in southeast Asia. This planning involves the president’s presence can make the moment of leaders to uphold the enforcement of Islamic Shari’a the Terrace of Mecca this. Although attendance is not confirmed because the president was busy with the task of the state will be replaced by other state officials including the Governor of Aceh.
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Regent of Aceh Barat Disallow the Muslims to MeulabohRegent of West Aceh Ramli MS prohibits Muslims from some districts and neighboring districts to come to Meulaboh if still using tight clothing. This is to avoid a strict dress resident into the city area of unity and Sufism which has been established previously. These rules streamline magistrate has ordered officers Wilayatul Hisbah (WH) intensifying raids during the day especially in the solid track road users to avoid any Muslims who do not un-Islamic dress.

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District Government Will Provide Aid House Unit 75 Aceh Barat District Government will provide 75 units of housing assistance for victims of the tsunami. Funds for the construction of the house comes from the special autonomy fund. Regent of Aceh Barat say, the provision of 75 units of housing aid tsunami victims is based on the planning and development programs to cut funds allocated for the construction of the house residents. To provide dozens of housing units it put off a number of development had previously planned to meet the demand for the tsunami victims. continue reading…

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A total of 600 Islamic theologian as Southeast Asia, will be present to Meulaboh, West Aceh district. They held a consultation (muzakarah) discusses the application of Islamic Shari’a Teuku Umar on earth, and in general aceh. They discussed a number of issues of religion and the triumph of Islam at the time of Sultan Iskandar Muda in the past.
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