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Police sub-region Samatiga and Wilayatul Hisbah (WH) Aceh Barat, they secure a bag containing the combat equipment that was found in the area of rubber plantation area of the village of Alue Raya. Inside the bag contains consisting of various firearms and some electronic equipment and foodstuffs. At first bag buried in the soil and only slightly visible from the outside, then people do not accidentally find and dig up a bag containing firearms. Residents who discover later reported the matter to the police, so police and Wilayatul Hisbah (WH) came to the place of an accident. Police and Wilayatul Hisbah secure the bag and then taken to police headquarters for further investigation. continue reading…

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Carrion flower (Amorphophallus titanium) as high as 1.8 meters was found growing in the fields of a farmer in the village of Alur Baning, Babul Rahmah District, Aceh Tenggara. This is the first finding in Aceh in 2011.  Masnur Boru Sirait, Village Style Jaya, District of Lawe Sigala gala, Agara, on his farm grows 1.8 meters bungai carcass and is now in a state of bloom. Flowers that she had long expected to grow. Nevertheless, only this time she saw the flowers are blooming. “I found it by accident when it went into the garden to harvest the corn and clean the weeds,” said Masnur.  continue reading…

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To make yourself free from the feel of pain you may take pain relieve medicine. However many pain relieve medicine require a prescription. The reason behind it is because the pain relieve medicine can cause an addiction to its user especially for people who take on the medicine more than the amount that has been prescribed for them. Not all of pain medication need prescriptions, if you choose tramadol as your pain relieve medicine you must have known that you may purchase tramadol without prescription. continue reading…

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Pain does not have mercy, when it want come today, so it must appear fast. When it want to give more severe pain to any person, so it really happen. No matter how old or young person, in any age is not always give guarantee to stay away from any pain. You must to get ready and stand by for any pain, what ever the appearing time. continue reading…

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Hot weather again hit the city of Meulaboh, Aceh Barat. Blazing sunshine residents are making activity is interrupted, especially for workers in the field is open, such as farmers and construction workers. In addition, changes in weather that suddenly can also cause health problems such as the appearance of fever and respiratory symptoms. continue reading…

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