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Zone Alarm Free FirewallZone Alarm Free Firewall is a free firewall, not a complete security suite. As a result, it focuses on specific tasks. Its primary purpose is to intercept everything that enters or leaves your PC and is specifically authorized or safe. Zone Alarm in its free version also incorporates protection against phishing is to say he would try to avoid that you give confidential information or banking scam artists, by preventing you from access to certain sites identified as hazardous. This does not protect you 100% but increases your security. But it is in its free version, or an antivirus or anti-spyware. continue reading…

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teamviewerTeamviewer is a program that allows secure remote access to a machine. This can be handy to access his own machine, or to assist a person from home. It is available on Windows, MacOS X, Linux and iPhone. Several versions are available for all age groups, as well as for businesses. Any public version is free for all systems, unlike the version for companies whose price starts at € 499 for Windows. A portable version is also available for those who do not necessarily move with their PC. Finally, for those that do nothing for their displacement, they may very well connect to their account and access to remote offices via the web. continue reading…

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Now, Microsoft has released an anti virus, Microsoft Security Essentials; you can download it for free. Software with Morro code is able to protect your PC from Malware, computer viruses, and Spyware. According to Microsoft, the newest software designed for computers with low specs and internet connection with limited bandwidth. Microsoft Security Essentials Antimalware feature sponsor. Because that’s the rarest feature is updated by computer users. continue reading…

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