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Survey Gold in Pidie District

Posted by Rose On August - 23 - 2009

Survey Gold in Pidie districtFive gold mining companies to commit to exploration (initial survey) the location of the actual gold in the mountains Tangse District, Mane, and Geumpang, Pidie area of 500,000 hectares. These companies reported that the exploration has been given permission for three years. Companies that commit to do the initial survey, the actual gold in Pidie regency is PT Bayu Kamona Karya, PT Bayu Nyohoka, PT Krueng Bajikan, Magelanik PT Garuda Kencana, PT and Parahita Sanu Setia.

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Uroe Makmeugang

Posted by Rose On August - 21 - 2009

meugangMeugang, full stories uroe makmeugang, cattle slaughtered in the tradition of the people of Aceh to be eaten with the family since two days before Ramadan fasting, is also at Lebaran Idul Fitri. This is a long tradition and has been embedded in the community aceh.Yang most typical in the tradition of this required a man to bring the meat of cattle, and the role of women is a cook who will be eaten by the family and neighboring families.
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Aceh Barat

Posted by Rose On August - 16 - 2009
Peta lokasi Kabupaten Aceh Barat Koordinat : 04°61'-04°47' LU 95° - 86°30 BT

04°61'-04°47' LU 95° - 86°30 BT

Aceh Barat is a district in the Province of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam. Of the expansion before, Aceh Barat have any area of 10.097.04 km ² or 1,010,466 ha and is part of the west coast of Sumatra and the southern islands extend from west to east from the foot of the mountain Geurutee (border with Aceh Besar) to Krueng Seumayam (the border of Aceh South) with a long coastline along the 250 km. Once separated into regions 2,442.00 km ².
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8 Skills to Work in the Company

Posted by Rose On August - 16 - 2009

8-skills-to-work-in-the-companyDo you have one ..?

Like every person who wants to advance his career, the future of your career skills also determined that you have and you can ’sell’ in the company. And job seekers with the skills you want the job seekers that the company, which will more quickly get a job.
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Website Price Fish in Aceh

Posted by Rose On August - 16 - 2009

Website-Price-Fish-in-AcehThe Panglima Laot Aceh, recently opened the website to inform the price and type of fish in Aceh. Website address is and

Head of Monitoring of Fisheries and Marine Aceh, Ir Saifullah Msi deliver it at a training Fish Marketing Information System at the Grand Nanggroe Hotel, Banda Aceh, Monday 10 August. Training during the day followed by 36 fishermen from the 17 districts / cities in Aceh.
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Photo Collection With Photovisi

Posted by Rose On August - 12 - 2009

Photo Collection With Photovisi is a online service that you can use to make some photo collections into one, and making it interesting for the wallpaper. You can upload images up to 30 photos to be one.

To use this service is easy and practical. After you enter the site please select the menu then select the template you live that has been provided.
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