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Developing Android WebApps Using HTML 5 TechnologiesYour first WebApp

Developing and testing your first Web app is no different from a Web page. You can use a text editor (like vi or Notepad) to enter the following HTML code, and save it as “myfirstwebapp.html”. Copy the HTML file to your Android mobile, and open it in the browser. You could also test your WebApp on a wireless LAN network by saving the HTML file on an HTTP server (such as XAMPP) and entering the IP address (or hostname) as the URL in the browser: continue reading…

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Developing Android WebApps Using HTML 5 TechnologiesAspects where native apps score better

  • Offline usage: While the HTML5 standard does provide WebApps the capability to store data offline, native apps are ideal for both offline and online purposes. With WebApps, offline storage of data is temporary when the app does not have Internet connectivity. Native apps don’t have this limitation.
  • Ease of use: A native app may score higher on this count as it runs as an independent application and it’s easy to switch between multiple applications on an Android device. An application with an icon for the App is more user-friendly when it is being launched.
  • User satisfaction ratings and reviews: Users like to review apps and compare them before installation. This is more convenient when it is a native app. continue reading…

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Developing Android WebApps Using HTML 5 TechnologiesWebApps are easy to develop and with them, it is actually possible to ‘write once, and deploy everywhere’.

Anyone who has used GMail or the likes knows what a WebApp is. It is a browser-based application served over the Internet (or any other network). One difference between a Web page and a WebApp is that the latter, typically has more interactive options like buttons, icons and alerts, like a regular application. While the initial versions of WebApps needed an always-on Internet connection, the latest WebApps can be used just like native apps, with limited or no Internet connection. Some examples of the best WebApp alternatives to native apps are from Google, Facebook, Twitter, Citibank, Financial Times and A blessing to WebApp developers is `WebKit’, the layout engine common to Android and Apple Safari browsers. This makes a WebApp available to a wide range of mobile devices in the market. continue reading…

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In order to reveal the score of sport matches that you like, you can go online because there will be Live score that can inform you the score of sport matches that have been finished or which is playing. You are going to be able to see the score of matches in many kinds of sport such as soccer, basketball, baseball, tennis, and many others. In addition, for website that can give update for many matches, you can go to continue reading…

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