Saving on Homeowners InsuranceWe all want to reduce costs wherever we can, and one of the best ways of saving money on home insurance premiums is to claim discounts that are available to policy holders.

• Improve fire security. Consider fitting smoke detectors outside and inside sleeping rooms in your house, and think about upgrading to sophisticated fire security systems, such as automatic sprinkler systems and fire alarms linked to the fire department.
• Upgrade home security. You may qualify for discounted insurance premiums if you have good security such as strong locks, motion lights and intruder alarms.
• Join a group insurance scheme. Members of group insurance programs qualify for discounts, so if you are a member of a business or professional group or your employer offers a group insurance scheme, take advantage of the favorable insurance premiums.
• Claim retirees’ discounts. If you have reached retirement age you may qualify for reduced home insurance premiums.
To get the best value in home insurance, shop around and learn about the good deals that may be available to people like you. You may find that upgrading fire or California earthquake insurance arrangements proves to be a cost effective long-term strategy and, more importantly, creates a safer home for you and your family.

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