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Thousands of new doctors come in the business every year. We do not know their specialization and capability because they are fresh graduates. One benefit we can take from them is just about fee; new doctors usually charge lower rates than the professional ones. However we can use it as consideration because we cannot bet with our health. Most reasonable decision is choosing the best among available doctors in the country; and if it possible, we must know who is the best doctor nearby. It is not hard to do because we can search for it at The site brings mission to give lists of the best doctors to anyone who needs, including us. continue reading…

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Police sub-region Samatiga and Wilayatul Hisbah (WH) Aceh Barat, they secure a bag containing the combat equipment that was found in the area of rubber plantation area of the village of Alue Raya. Inside the bag contains consisting of various firearms and some electronic equipment and foodstuffs. At first bag buried in the soil and only slightly visible from the outside, then people do not accidentally find and dig up a bag containing firearms. Residents who discover later reported the matter to the police, so police and Wilayatul Hisbah (WH) came to the place of an accident. Police and Wilayatul Hisbah secure the bag and then taken to police headquarters for further investigation. continue reading…

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People might be very familiar with casino games in many kinds of ways. People might know about casino in real life where they ever visit it or people just see it through some scenes in movies. It is true that casino can not be separated with gambling. continue reading…

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